alpha-a.gifAbsent Work- If possible I will be sure to send work home with a sibling or homework buddy when illness occurs. Unlike kindergarten, all work must be completed. Also, PLEASE call the office in the morning to let them know that your child will not be in school due to illness or for any other reason. All books and papers, completed or not, need to be returned on the day of the child’s return.

Bathroom- Our class uses the bathroom in excess of 4-5 times each day and always before going home. Your child is certainly allowed to use the restroom in any emergency case, yet it is stressed that they use it at the times set aside in order to prevent missing instruction or other class time. Make sure you encourage your child, especially if you are noticing accidents. If any medical condition exists, please let me know.

Birthday Treats- Birthday treats are more than welcome, but please let me know that they are coming. The more simple the better. Please avoid cupcakes and cakes if possible. NO peanuts please. Please provide napkins and anything else necessary. If your child celebrates a summer birthday, we would love to celebrate their 1/2 birthday. If you have a specific date in mind contact me ASAP.

Book Orders- These will be arriving throughout the year. All checks and orders should be in an envelope clearly marked with the company and child’s name. All checks may be made out to Scholastic Books. Book clubs are now on-line so you may order on-line and after the due date, delivery is usually received within a week. If your order is to be a surprise or gift clearly mark the order form and I will let you know when it is in for pick up. Each time you order books, it allows our class to get free books! Thank you for your support.

Class Books-Our class reading books will be sent home both on a daily and a weekly basis. Please give these books special care and make sure they are returned according to the directions given.

Do your best- Each day is a new day. Each child is encouraged to do their very best. To be a good listener. To become as smart as they can. It feels so good when things come easy.

Eating- Eating lunch is fun. Each month you will receive a new menu for hot lunch choices. It is very important to remind your child that eating their lunch is very important and visiting with a friend comes second. All lunch boxes and bags need to be clearly marked with the child’s name.

alpha-f2.gifFamily- We work very hard with the students to create a school family within our classroom, our playground, our campus. We are working on how to be better friends and how to treat others the way we would like to be treated. Any reinforcement at home would be greatly appreciated.

alpha-g2.gifGood manners- As a class we have discussed good manners within the classroom, restrooms, lunchroom and playground. Please encourage your child to use good manners.

Grading- Grading in First Grade is kept simple. Much of our class work is done together, especially in the beginning. Children are asked to follow along, find pages, put things in their folders and find them again. It requires time and patience on all our parts. A grading scale for Lumen Christi School has been established by the Archdiocese of Milwaukee.

Gym - We have Gym on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. Please remember to have your child in their proper tennis shoes. Not wearing tennis shoes may prevent your child from participating in the scheduled activities for that class period.

alpha-h2.gifHomework - Any homework that comes home marked with HOMEWORK needs to be completed and returned the following day unless otherwise noted. You can expect homework on a daily basis, except on weekends. The homework will review skills that we are learning or have learned. Reading will also be a part of homework each night. Please plan on reading 10-20 minutes each night with your child.

Homework Notebooks-This is a new feature for your First Grader this year. It is to be a special aid to the parents. You as parents are asked to check this notebook each night and sign the yellow box at the bottom of the page indicating that you have seen their work and are assured that it is complete and returned daily.

Home Folders- Our “H” folder is our home folder. It should come home every night and be returned each and every morning. It should carry papers completed in school, corrected homework, and homework for the next day. This is a great job for your child; they can check to see if it is in their backpack each night and to make sure it is ready for the next day.

Illness-All children returning from an illness are expected to bring a note explaining their illness.

Just email - I check my e-mail at home and at school. I can get back to you quickly if you have any questions or concerns.

Kind-We try to be kind to everyone in our school by using good words and manners.

Keep - Your child is asked to keep their desk in order. This can begin at home with their rooms and toys.

alpha-l2.gifLate Work- If homework is not turned in it will need to be completed. If the work cannot be duplicated, your child will receive a message in their homework notebook naming the assignment and indicating that it is late. It should be returned the very next day.

Lunch- The First Graders eat lunch and have recess from 11:30-12:15 p.m. Each child has been using their designated pin number. It will need to be used for each hot lunch meal, milk choice, and even the fruit and vegetable bar. Please check your child’s account to make sure funds are available for them.

Mad Minutes- minute math sheets given daily in order to promote fluency while learning math facts. This is an opportunity to excel on their own completing 30 addition or subtraction math facts in one minute. This is a challenge given to all children in our school.

Math Facts- This year your child will be learning their basic addition and subtraction facts whose answers are 20 or less. This is a very important skill for regrouping in addition and subtraction in second grade and beyond. Flash cards are still a great way to practice these important skills. A little at a time goes a long, long way. I especially like to concentrate on the doubles of 2+2, 3+3, 4+4 and so on as far as they can go. We can associate so much with these few. A very simple and good website is

Money- Please put all money that is coming to school, check or cash, in an envelope with their name, class, and purpose. We will learn how to count pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters in Math class. You can help your child by beginning this skill now.

alpha-n2.gif Newsletter- Our First Grade weekly newsletter can be found in a different way this year but it still will be posted weekly throughout the year. It will include what we have done throughout the past week and what we will be looking forward to completing the following week. It will feature our upcoming reading vocabulary and important dates for the next week. I hope you find it informative and easier to stay on top of everything.

Name- Your child’s name should be clearly marked on ALL belongings, even their clothing, boots, shoes, and lunchboxes/bags.

alpha-o2.gifOut of Uniform Days- Occasionally we do have an out of uniform day for special occasions. Watch your In-Brief and select calendars for any scheduled days. The first Friday of the month is out of uniform. Please note that all other Fridays provide the students the opportunity to wear a Spirit wear shirt in conjunction with their uniform bottoms.

Papers - Please remove all completed papers from your child's folder and backpack on a daily basis. It is very confusing for the children.

Quiet - We are striving to have all children work quietly at their desks in order that they are able to independently complete their work. This year we will also be very dedicated in working on our school wide PBIS plan.

Realpha-r2.gifad and Treat - This is a wonderful way to get involved in the classroom. Mom or Dad may come in and read a story of your choice to the class. After the story we would love to celebrate with a treat or activity. What a great way to end our week. Please check the Read & Treat Schedule for your assigned week.

Reading - We will bring our reading books home with a story card and bag. You will need to sign the card indicating that you have heard your child read the assigned selection. Comments are always welcome. This is your opportunity to see your child grow week by week. PLEASE return the entire book package the very next day, in order to facilitate our class for that day. You are welcome to read past selections, but do not go ahead as I like to do predicting activities to help us become better readers.

alpha-s2.gifService Projects- Each grade in our school chooses a service project each year to emphasize good will and support in our community. Look for more details later.

Snack- Each child needs their own morning snack each and every day. Packing it the night before is always a good possibility. I know that in the past some children have kept extra snacks in their backpack for emergency situations. Do not send whole apples when your child has a loose or missing tooth. This snack should never be candy. Gummy snacks of any type are always questionable, yet acceptable. We take approximately 5 minutes for our morning snack.

Spelling Tests - This year a pretest is given to your child which contains selected reading words. One of two lists are given for the weekly study depending upon your child's knowledge and accuracy. Weekly spelling tests will begin in September. Spelling words will be sent home on a weekly basis. This year tests will be given on a Thursday, unless we are not in school.

alpha-t2.gifTelephone - Children are not allowed to call home to remind parents of Brownie or Tiger Cub meetings. Parents may always call school to leave messages in the office for after school plans. The office will call parents to inform them of illness as well as confirm plans a child insists will take place but has not been given the appropriate note by a parent. My direct classroom number is 262.238.4484. The office number is 262.242.7965.

Thursday Folders -Thursday folder will be sent home electronically. All of the information from the office will come to you in this manner. It would be very wise to bookmark it for all future questions, concerns, and to keep up with the day to day schedules.

Tooth Club - Each and every child belongs to a Missing Tooth Club in First Grade. If they lose their tooth in school we try to safely secure it and send it home in a tight container.

alpha-u2.gifUniforms- All girls wearing uniform jumpers should wear shorts under their uniform for comfort both at recess and gym class. However, be sure you check your school handbook with regard to leggings for the colder months. Absolutely no slacks may stay on during the school day under a girls uniform jumper. Shirts should be clean and size appropriate. According to the school handbook, all shirts are to be tucked in and white and green collared shirts are the only acceptable kind. Plaid skorts are an alternative for the girls. Check the school handbook for more specific information.

alpha-v2.gifVacations - Each family has been informed as to when school is not in session. Please check your school handbook for prescribed handling of work when leaving school is necessary and school is in session. I try to gather work for my First Graders as it is very difficult to make up both old and new work at the same time. I may miss something so there are no guarantees. However, if your child is given work that you asked for, it is expected that it will be completed by your child’s return to school.

Very - I want to assure you that I am very patient and thorough in my instruction and expectations of 6 and 7 year old First Graders. Our curriculum is very age appropriate. I am counting on your very careful examination of all notes and support for your child ensuring them a lifetime of academic success.

alpha-w2.gifWiki - My attempt to communicate our weekly newsletter with you. A message will be delivered to you e-mail that it has been posted.

Work - All of our children are encouraged to do their best and neatest work daily. That includes their homework. Homework should only be done in pencil and in crayon when the directions specify coloring.

Wonderful - I believe that this will be a wonderful year if we continue to work as a team for your child. Thank you in advance for all of your support this year!

X-tra help - Your extra help in the classroom is very valuable to us. You are always welcome to contact our room mothers to get put on a rotating cycle to help us during the school day.

You and I - You and I are helping your child develop being responsible for their things and their homework. By checking their homework notebook each day you are making them accountable for their work.

Zoom - Before you know it it will be Christmas, Easter and Summer vacation. The year will zoom enjoy each day to its fullest.