Costumes for “The Savior that God Sent”

Shepherds, Crowd, Inn Keeper
  • Bathrobe securely tied closed
  • Headpiece made from an appropriate size towel and secured across the forehead. Stretch headbands, rope, a strip of fabric all work well for an easy fix.
  • A staff would be a special touch for the shepherds, which can be made from a dowel/closet rod, a broom handle, tree branch for a authentic look.


  • All white or glowing yellow from head to toe. (Costume is available if you would like to borrow it)
  • Glitter or foil star (available)


  • A white gown, robe, or all white attire from head to toe.
  • Hallo made from wide Christmas garland is always a perfect touch.
  • Wings made from coat hangers, costume packages from Halloween, cardboard, or whatever you can think of. Add sparkles of some kind with garland, glitter, foil. Elastic or twine can be attached in some way so they can be connected to the child’s back.

Donkey, Sheep, Horse


  • dress in grey sweats.
  • socks on hands and feet for the hooves
  • made a headband for the ears and a tail to pin on from strands of yarn.


  • white sweates/tights/sweater
  • ears with white batting or fluff connected to a headband works really well
  • patches of white batting/fluff scattered over costume resembling wool a nice touch
  • socks on hands and feet


  • overall color of horse made with sweats/jeans/combo of both-what color horse do you want to be
  • long contrasting colored yarn tail
  • ears connected to a simple headband
  • mane of yarn
  • hooves of contrasting color made of socks on feet and hands